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riversidewriter's Journal

Riverside Writers
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Forum for members of Riverside Writers, a creative writing group based in Wirral, England.
Welcome to the online community for members of Riverside Writers, a friendly and informal writing group which meets each month in West Kirby Library, Wirral, England.

Membership of this LiveJournal community is restricted to the actual members of Riverside Writers. All posts are only visible to members of this community (unless a specific post has been deliberately made public).

This place was created to enable members of Riverside Writers to share their written work with each other, such as our monthly writing projects or submissions for our forthcoming anthology. Members can also leave comments on each other's work here, if they wish, plus any other news or information they may wish to share.

Any other visitor who wishes to know more about Riverside Writers, perhaps with a view to joining us, is directed to our website - see link below. Enquiries can also be emailed to riversidewriters@aol.com

When posting, make sure the 'Show this entry to' tab is on 'Members' to maintain privacy. This is the default setting but do check to be certain. However, if you do wish to share your work with the world, you can alter the privacy setting just for your particular post. This would mean that your work is now classed as having been published and so you'd be unable to offer First British Serial Rights to a prospective paying market. Alos, posting to members only will mean that no casual visitor can "borrow" your work. Therefore, you are advised to use the default setting - but it's entirely up to you.

If your post is long, please use an LJ cut. Type < lj-cut > (without the gaps) before the body of your post, then type </ lj-cut > (without the gaps) at the end of your text. This keeps the main pages tidy.